Reflection 2

One of my most favorite and continuous extracurriculars during my college years has been serving as a student representative for the Board of Trustees’ Environment and Facilities Committee. I serve as a student voice that makes singular contributions to the discussions and also serve as a liaison to the student body where I can share important updates about the state of affairs of the campus’ grounds and structures.
Many of the Trustees on the committee are alumnae who make contributions with particular focus on what would benefit especially benefit the students, but most graduation a long time ago, so as far back as 50 years ago. Additionally, made on the committee are faculty, staff, and outside member who have never spent significant time on campus. Because of this, I make certain that the current status of dorms and academic facilities are reported, for example showing a group of Trustees through Main Hall to adequately display what I could not describe regarding mold, heat, moisture, vermin, and broken appliances and utilities.
This campus involvement has a symbiotic benefit and every semester I look forward to my meeting with the Committee, seeing the returning Trustees, and meeting the new additions. In my fourth and final year at Agnes Scott College I will know that I have directly impacted important Board of Trustees decisions and perspectives that will benefit current and future Scotties, faculty, and staff who are all affected by the campus’ physical integrity. Additionally, I value and appreciate the communication skills I have sharpened in my years interacting with important members of the college and learning how to participate professionally, including active listening and articulate contributions to the discussions at hand. I look forward to taking these skills with me as I leave my undergraduate and venture in graduate school, employment, and whatever else comes my way.

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